Eighth International ISMA Conference July 9-13, 2007

Organised jointly by ISMA USA And The Biofeedback Foundation of Europe

Universite de Quebec a Montreal (UQAM) Montreal Quebec, Canada

Call for Papers

underscoring the nearly universal plague of excessive external stress on people in the global economy

The program will focus on the similarities and differences in the nature, perception and handling of stress in countries around the world.

Speakers will describe the prevalent stressors, attitudes and reactions of governments, commercial organizations, sports organizations, caring professions and individuals in their countries.

Workshops will give the opportunity to learn about stress management practices in cultures which share, and those that do not share, language and style and to draw upon the research and experience the techniques of others.

Program Format: keynote addresses; symposia; research papers (abstract and posters); workshops.

Submissions in these areas relating to the Conference Theme are invited by October 1, 2006:

  1. HEALTH & EDUCATION: increasing/decreasing arousal such as breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, guided imagery, cognitive interventions, meditation, yoga, hypnosis, nutrition, exercise.
  2. BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: jobs/work, military, parenting, political.
  3. SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT: issues of performance such as musical, athletic, academic/educational, memory, creative/artistic.

General Guidelines:- If your submission is accepted you (or your substitute) are committed to making the presentation.
All participants at the meeting are expected to register.
Submissions will be accepted only as a document, carefully edited to a maximum of 300 words, in single spaced, 10 pt. upper and lower case letters in Word or Rich Text Format (RTF), and submitted in electronic form to Marigold A. Edwards by October 1 2006 at the latest.

WORKSHOPS: title and 50-word description; objectives (what participants will learn); audience; rationale (need); 7-10 exam questions; 50-word presenter biography. [Full or Half-day decision will be made by Program Committee]

SYMPOSIA: moderator and 2-5 presenters relating to a single topic; name of moderator and each presenter; title and 50-word description of symposium focus.

RESEARCH PAPERS: Abstracts (completed research) or Posters (research in progress or other conference theme-related topics); title; purpose; theoretical/conceptual framework; subjects; method; results; conclusions.

Notification to Authors/Presenters by November 15, 2006.

Advance Program on Website by December 1, 2006.

Early Registration Deadline by December 31, 2006 for discount.

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